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jamieguo48 - Thai lakorn review: Roy Marn (2011)
Thai lakorn review: Roy Marn (2011)
1990. 2000. 2011. Every ten years or so, a new version of Roy Marn comes along. I believed it's based on a book, and if it is, it's one of those long epic novels about a particular family and their tragedies and triumphs over the years. Or maybe the book it's based on is a revenge driven tale of suspense.

I don't really know. But based on this version, I can see why it's been remade over and over again. It's an interesting story, and the themes of love and revenge are familiar ones.

Drama Title: Roy Marn
English Title: Trace of the Devil
Original language: Thai                                  Year: 2011
Episodes: 15                                                     Pacing: Lots of flashbacks.
Genre: Marriage, Revenge, Romance, Drama, Comedy
Tropes: Marriage of Convenience, Mysterious events, Trouble-making Relatives, Playboy Hero, Noble Idiocy, Spunky Heroine, It's a small world

Director: ?
Screenwriter: ?

Cast of Characters: Margie Rasri as Bee, Boy Pakorn as Mark,

Bella Vanita as May, First Ekkaphong as Athit.

In Brief: A slap and kiss lakorn involving a forced marriage that wasn’t meant to be. It was her cousin May who should have married pra’ek Mark, but the day before the wedding, her cousin was kidnapped by a guy who had loved her for years. He kidnapped her, assaulted her, and thus everything changed.

The young and bratty nang’ek Bee had to take the place of her cousin because it was a marriage to erase a debt. Nang’ek’s uncle owed money to pra’ek (played by Boy Pakorn) and his father. Since he can’t use his daughter, he’ll use his niece instead.
Credits to: Lyn's lakorn blog

Past angst.

Smiles: If you go into Roy Marn expecting a light romantic comedy of a bickering couple like I did, well, it has its moments. But overall, Roy Marn is a drama first and romance later, as the focus is on the evil one man does, and the windfall of his actions in the present day. The story it tells has its own twists and turns and surprised me a number of times.

(The OTP, Bee and Mark, and Athit and Bee, another cute couple.)

I really began to root for the main couple Bee and Mark to be together when they had many insurmountable obstacles to overcome. I thought at first the couple wouldn't be believable, given Mark's a playboy type, but they have so much chemistry with each other.

(The mostly evil (more like selfish) ones, the somewhat good guys.)

And what I especially loved about this lakorn is that the whole lakorn seems very fresh in regards to common lakorn cliches even though it's over 30 years old, such as the way sex was handled in the lakorn, and the way both the bad and good guys are portrayed in a way that doesn't paint them just black and white. It's something that a lot of lakorns, and even most dramas in general can learn from. Bad guys or gals have real motivations, and reactions for the most part. (I hate those girls in dramas who try to come between the main OTP by any means even if it's against their own self interests.)

(He plays the father in many lakorns, such as Sawan Biang. His acting here wasn't convincing to me.)

Frowns: One of the main character's in the story is May's father, and I just couldn't get into his acting. I thought almost everyone else did a good or great job acting wise except for him, but I didn't feel sympathy for his character the way I think I was supposed to.

(No, no, nope. Don't show me Mark with bad(ish) girl or with May. I want the OTP.)

There are sooo many flashbacks in here and I think it takes eight episodes or so before we get to the present day time. I enjoyed the story told in the flashbacks, but I would still have liked less episodes in the past. And more focus on main OTP please, not those other people.

More please.

Where to watch this?: Online at

MY BIAS: This is one of my favorite plots, unwanted marriage, but other than that???

Final rating:                          Great-Excellent

I'm still somewhat undecided on what to rate this. I think I need to see it again because I want to rewatch it, but also, I watched it so fast, the nuances of what I watched were lost on me. So, I'm not sure.

Definitely the best lakorn of the year I've watched in 2011 and one of the most compelling dramas period.

First two pics credit: Boy & Margie Pantip
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From: Suzanne Tan Date: January 30th, 2012 01:33 pm (UTC) (Link)


Thanks for writing this review. This is just what I need..I just finished ep 1, i find it kinda draggy but ur review gave me hope. it's a motivation for me to continue watching.

love, suzsuz from
jamieguo48 From: jamieguo48 Date: January 31st, 2012 04:54 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Thanks..

Glad it helped. It is slow at first, but things do speed up later on. Thanks for your reply.
amesontweet From: amesontweet Date: June 8th, 2014 11:35 am (UTC) (Link)


Hi Jamie,

I have got a question

Is Bee's father Pramook's brother?

I am just on ep3

jamieguo48 From: jamieguo48 Date: June 11th, 2014 10:06 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Hi

Yeah, I think so, although... spoiler, Pramook thinks Bee is his kid.
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